Hi! My name is Amy L. Longmire. I am the owner of Nutri-Hut and have been an Herbalife Distributor since 2008. When I first started using the Herbalife Product line, I lost 20 pounds and 26 inches in 20 weeks and have kept the weight off!

Herbalife is a lifestyle, not a diet, and it keeps me active and full of energy. I cannot wait to meet my new clients who come in to Nutri-Hut and help them achieve their goals. Contact me today and begin to experience the Herbalife difference! Nutri-Hut is operated by Herbalife Independent Distributors.

Herbalife is a Premier Nutrition and Weight-Management Company that is improving lives through good health and proven business opportunity in 73 countries on 6 continents. We focus on our customers’ unique needs and provide personal attention to help everybody achieve their individual needs. Nutri-Hut only uses Herbalife’s first-class product line, backed by world-renowned doctors and scientists.