Bop’s Frozen Custards

Bop's offers high-quality frozen custard and an excellent variety of premium frozen custard delights, including cones, shakes, and sundaes, in a clean, family-oriented environment and offers exceptional service to customers.

Bop's Frozen Custard opened our first store in Jackson, Mississippi in November 2000. The company continues to operate that original store plus a store in Byram, Mississippi. In 2004, began granting franchises, and all Bop's franchise shops are independently owned and operated by local individuals who have committed themselves to the high standards of Bop's.

Our custard is served at approximately 26 degrees compared to regular ice cream at approximately 10 degrees. This allows your taste buds to get a "true taste", unlike ice cream served at a lower temperature which tends to numb or freeze your taste buds while eating. Custard has very little air whipped in making it denser and smoother than ice cream. Custard, by definition, must have 10% butterfat and 1.4% egg.

We're confident that after your first visit to Bop's Frozen Custard, you will agree that there is nothing that compares to our excellent service, taste, freshness and quality! We are commited to serving the best to the best, our customers!